Hi, my name is Lora Evanouski.  I am pursuing my master’s degree in Educational Technology at Boise State University.  I am currently enrolled as a full time student and also work as a graduate assistant for Dr. Chareen Snelson.  I enrolled at Boise State University in the Spring ’09 semester.  While the learning curve has been steep, I have gained immense knowledge and foresight into integrating technology into being an active accomplice in my skill set.  501 Intro to Educational Technology is the gateway to the masters program at Boise State University.  I have learned how to incorporate technology into the classroom.   502 Internet for Educators taught me how to build, design, and navigate my own web page.   503 Instructional Design taught me how to build and implement an instructional module.  522 Adult Learning taught me how to collaborate and build effective learning structures for adult learners.

As I build my e-portfolio I will be using this blog to house my artifacts and evidence in the knowledge gained through learning.  If you benefit from anything on this blog please feel free to comment as feedback is critical to becoming more successful in learning.

I can be contacted for more information or if you have any questions at: